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                     Over 5 years of experience working as a Systems Administrator on UNIX (HP-UX,Sun Solaris
                     DG/UX and SCO UNIX),Windows NT, and Novell Netware.Also posseee a strong back
                     -ground in Oracle Database Administration- Oracle Installation and configuration,database,
                     Tunning,client/server connectivity,query –optimization,back-up and recovery,and post-installation
                     Troubleshooting.Extensive hands-on knowledge of HP-OPENVIEW,Logical Volume Manager
                     (LVM),SAM,CA-TNG ,and network management tools.Configutration of Apache Web Server.
                     Complete Knowledge of DNS,NIS,NFS,TCP/IP, and IPX/SPX.Comfortable with UNIX shells,
                     AWK, PERL and C programming.


Hardware:                      HP 9000 G30/40/K460,DG-AviiON,Sun Ultra,SGI ,IBM Compatibles
                                      (ISA & EISA)
Operating System:          HP-UX 9.04/10.x,Sun Solaris 2.5.1/2.6,DG/UX,BSD UNIX,SGI_IRIX,
                                     Windows NT 3.51/4.0,Windows 95,Novell Netware 4.x,UnixWare,DOS
Languages:                     Unix shell programming,AWK,PERL,C,SQL*PLUS
RDBMS:                       Oracle7.x/8.x,MS-SQL 6.5,SQL*NET.
Special Software:           HP Openview,TNG Unicentre,LVM,SAM,Format(Sun),Glance Plus,
                                     BMC Patrol,TIS Gauntlet Firewall(on IRIX),TCP wrappers,WU-FTPD,
                                     RADIUS,Tiger,Squid Proxy Server
Tools:                            SQL*FORMS 4.5,Reports 2.5
Networking:                   Ethernet Switches,routers,repeaters,hubs,Network Management Tools,
                                     Shiva Lan Router


Mar 97 till Date
   Oracle Database Administration and Unix Systems Administration
   Client:Exodus Communications,Jersey City ,NJ,USA

Dec 95 to Mar 97 and Oct 97 to Feb 98
   Oracle Database Administration and Unix System Administration
   Client: HCL Consulting ,India
 Installation of HP-UX server and clients.
 Installation of TCP/IP software on the clients and linking PC clients with HP servers.
 Configuration of HP-UX Operating System.
 Configuration of HP-UX Operating System.
 Installation of Oracle 7.x,and 8.x
 Oracle Database creation-schema design,tablespace allocation.
 Database User and Security maintainence.
 Sql*Net connectivity through TCP/IP ,SPX/IPX etc.
 Conducting training on Oracle Database Administration.
 Oracle RollBack Segment and Snapshot maintainnence.
 Oracle Database back-up and recovery .
 Installation of Oracle Applications 10.6
 Set up of NFS servers and clients.
 Disk Partition using Logical Volume Manager(LVM).
 User Account management-creation,deletion and shifting.
 E-mail configuration and administration.(Sendmail)
 Printer spooler Configuration.
 Installation of TCP wrappers,
 Installation and Configuration of WU-FTPD software.
 Installation of TIGER Software used to check security of UNIX.
 Writing of programs using shell,awk and C for various functianalities.
 Maintaince of Network ,installation of Router,ethernet switches.
 Maintainence of MS-Mail,Exchanger Servers

Hardware:HP 9000 Servers,Intel Servers,Ethernet Switches,X-Terminals,
Operating System:HP Unix 9.x/10.x,Windows NT 3.51/4.0,NovellNetware.
Languages:C,Unix Shell Script,AWK,Sql*Plus.
Special Software:Oracle 7.x/8.x,OracleApplications10.6,SAM,LVM,NFS,DNS

Mar 97 to Oct 97
   Unix Systems Administration and Oracle Database Administration
   Client: Wellcome Group(Dairy Farm Sunsidiary) ,HongKong
   Role: System Consultant
   The environment here consisted of three HP-UX servers and two SGI servers
   One of the SGI servers was running Firewall(Gauntlet) and was connected to
   The internet.On two HP servers(K460) ,Informix and Oracle Databases were
   Installed,and the two servers were connected through Frame Relay.These
   Servers were also mirrored and had RAID installed with each of them.HP-
   OPENVIEW and BMC PATROL were used for Network management
   And system monitoring.
 Setup of mail server and DNS server on IRIX (one of them acted primary for  external and the other for internal and also
 acted as mail server)
 Setup of secondary server on HP-UX for internal primary.
 Setup of POP server on IRIX.
 Setup of DHCP server on HP-UX.
 Installation and configuration of HP-UX.
 Devising backup strategies and disaster recovery .
 Configuration of BMC Patrol to monitor UNIX processes and file systems on production HP/UX servers.
 Implementation of firewall on SGI ,using proxy servers and S-KEY authentication.
 Installation of RADIUS on firewall server.
 Scripts for scheduling of backup of various servers on one server using remote file sharing and FTP.
 SNA transfer of data between UNIX and mainframe .
 Setup of procedures for maintainence of System files using SCCS.

Hardware:K460 HP/UX servers,O 200 SGI servers,Shiva Lan Router
Operating System:HP/UX 10.x,IRIX 6.x
Languages:Unix Shell,AWK,C.
Special Software:Oracle,HP-OPENVIEW,BMC Patrol,SNA Plus.

Sep 92 to Dec 95
   Unix Systems Administration and Network Administration
   Client:PCS-Data General
   Role:Support Engineer
 Installation and Support of DG/UX,SCO,Unixware.
 Disk Mirroring and Disk Stripping
 Fail – Over recovery of DG/UX machines.
 Development of user friendly utilities – shell programming in Unix and C.
 Management of User Accounts,Printers,Backup Devices,etc.
 Disk management involving adding of hard disks and creation of filesystems.
 Tuning of Kernel level parameters to optimize system performance.
 Demonstration andassistance on Oracle and client/server network.
 Installation and maintenance of network and mini-computers.

Hardware:AviiON Series Machine,IBM compatible PC’s
Operating Systems:DG/UX ,SCO,Unixware
Languages:UNIX Shell programming
Special Software:Oracle,Diagnostic Software


1995 Oracle forms 4.5/Reports 2.5                         STG International LTD,India
1995   Quality Control Course,India                        HCL Consulting Ltd.
1996 Oracle DBA level II,                                      TGK Oracle ,India


1992 Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical,
PEC Chandigarh,India